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About Boys Night


"This production blends the titillating tropes of the striptease artform with the exciting danger of cirque arts. The final product is a fun-filled evening of tongue-in-cheek humor, impressive aerial performances, and playfully bawdy behavior."

                                                                                     - David Clarke,

Created and produced by Ben Franklin, Jason Mejias, Joshua Dean and Mr. Gorgeous, this “All-Male Cirquelesque Revue” is celebrating 8 years of playful and saucy extravaganzas celebrating the art of circus and burlesque. With a brand new show every month, “The Boys” entertain the crowd through diverse aerial and ground performances with a wink, a smile and a lot of creativity. “Boys' Night” is the place to be for both girls and boys looking for a humorous and slightly naughty evening out.


"Boys' Night" takes place at The Slipper Room on Manhattan's Lower East Side on the first Thursday of each month, The Boys  take to the stage and the air in a crazy new show that will have audiences of all types cheering and begging for more!


In 2018 Boys Night Revue won the Title of Best Large Group at The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. They have also headlined Atlantis Cruises to rave reviews!


Starring Joshua Dean, Ben Franklin, Mr. Gorgeous, Jason Mejias and Eve Starr with a rotating cast of guest entertainers.

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